The Sun


Director: Glasz DeCuir

Synopsis: THE SUN Filmed at LEA 20 Machinima Open Studio Project by Chic Aeon

Music: "The Sun, the trees" by Russian Red


Pieces of Your Heart

Pieces_of_Your_Heart poster

Director: Bay Sweetwater

Synopsis: Joey and a young alien robot take off for the stars in his Radio Flyer wagon.
Many people have asked about Yobee, Joey's robot pal. "Where did Yobee come from?" they ask. "Is he a character from popular culture?" No, not yet. Yobee is a mashup of content from Second Life creators. The base Yobee avatar comes from Dirty Lynx. Yobee's eyes and body come from the Rusty Tread avatar built by Ryan Snook. And Yobee's nose comes from the LInden avatar Camry #3 head. Finally, Yobee's baseball cap is the ColorChange Cap from KidSLife. Did I say finally? I almost forgot: the jar of dreams on his back is the Dodie Firefly Carry Jar by Dom Petrovic.



Jazzologist Now

Miles11Hour Episode 8 - 'Jazzologist Now'

Director: Miles11Hour

Synopsis: Miles11Hour Episode 8 'Jazzologist' DJ Miles Eleventhauer takes on a special mission to create a song for the DNC Presidential Election, in this spoof of Francis Ford Coppola's classic film, 'Apocalypse Now'. Machinima filmed in Second Life.


The Gift

The Gift - poster

Director: Spiral Silverstar

Synopsis: She just wants to be loved. I WANT TO LOVE YOU I want to love you I wish you wanted...
Hear more from IthacaAudio at:


...heard a fly buzz

fly buzz poster

Director: Spiral Silverstar

Synopsis: Loosely based upon the poem by Emily Dickinson, "I heard a fly buzz when I died."
Reading was brilliantly done by Hypatia Pickens.


Machinima Poster: Broken

Director: Merit Coba

Synopsis: The old year was closing.
A mother took a definite step in her life.
She left a son behind..
A memento for a mother and a son.
And perhaps a memento for compassion... a quality possessed by all of humanity.


BLADE RUNNER Machinima Tribute


Director: Glasz DeCuir

Synopsis: Machinima Tribute of one of the best scenes and monologues done in cinema history. Ask you to watch it with the respect to the original scene and Thanks to all who had collaborated in this project (take the time to read credits please). 
Dedicated to all Blade Runner fans. 

MinDBlinD around the Worlds!

MinDBlinD around the Worlds!

Director: MinDBlind Setsuko 

Synopsis: a short comedy around the 3 most popular machinima worlds


Fwd: Evolution

MachinimUWA V: "Fwd: Evolution" Movie Poster

Director: Pixie Rain

Synopsis: Entry for the University of Western Australia's "MachinimUWA V - Seeking Wisdom" competition.
A Cybernetic Shamen and Cybernetic Dancer travel through space, time and the inner dimensions in the search for wisdom...
Filmed in Second Life and Inworldz.


Old men and insects

Old men and insects

Director: Tommaso Jacobus

Synopsis: A short tribute to Edward Lear (1812-1888) for the bicentenary of his birth.
Un omaggio a Edwar Lear ed al suo "Libro dei nonsensi" in occasione dei 200 anni dalla sua nascita.

Seeking Wisdom in the Stars


Director: Spiral Silverstar

Synopsis: entry into the University of Western Australia's MachinimUWA V Challenge for 2012.




Director: Spiral Silverstar
Synopsis: My interpretation of Romy Nayar's Amazing art build, Papermakis. This installation is currently at Imagin@rium and hosted by MiC. 


Tutsy Navarathna MetaSex by Tutsy Navarathna

Director: Tutsy Navarathna

Synopsis: This film is an investigation into the transformations that human relationships face when interacting in Virtual Worlds.
Love and sexuality are on an important factor in any human relationships. However, what is new in Virtual Worlds is the ability to exercise those relationships without any real risk, external censure or imposition from an internal "super-ego".


The Jazzologist Strikes Back

Miles11Hour 'The Jazzologist Strikes Back' Poster

Director: Miles Eleventhauer

synopsis: Miles11Hour Episode Seven Movie poster.
The movie is online at

A Year of Fashion

Vanilla Stick

Director: Tikaf Viper
Poster for the 2 parts film, made by Eirela Lane.
Part one:
Part two:


Gibbet by Mary Wickentower

Director: Mary Wickentower

Synopsis: Poem:"Gibbet" by Mary Wickentower copyright 2011
between your measured love
and indifference;
a gibbet,
waiting to be cut adrift,
a ghoulish warning
to gentle hearts
that darkness wears a beguiling smile
and touches you tenderly
at first.

Music: "Colour Me V3" by Pierre Seveno, composer
Used with permission


Casanova: The Last Adventure

Casanova: the last adventure

Director: Tommaso Jacobus

Synopsis: Giacomo Casanova, veneziano, muore nel 1798 a Dux, in Boemia, in triste solitudine. Da quindici anni non rivedeva la sua amata Venezia. Ha da poco terminato di scrivere, in francese, gli otto volumi delle sue memorie, che verranno publbicate postume a Parigi. Alla fine di Casanove è ispsiratol'ultimo video del Regno nel Sole.

After fifteen years of exile from his beloved Venice, Giacomo Casanova died in solitude at Dux, in Bohemia, in 1798. In his last years, during which he was at service to Count Waldstein as librarian, Casanova had finished writing all eight books of "Histoire de ma vie" which will be published twenty years later, in Paris.


Clown Dolls Forever

Ambrosa Lanley: Clown Dolls Forever

Director: Ambrosia Lanley
Sinopsis: From Island Rain Studios. Since 1793 there have been more than two thousand circuses in America but none of them ever matched the spectacle, the illusion, and the marvels, of the Mighty Clown Dolls circus. Ladies and Gentl...


The Shaman


Director: Al Peretz

Sinopsis: When The Shaman sins, the borders disappear


3D Virtual Paintings 1


Director: Zephyru Zapedzki

Sinopsis: 3D Virtual Paintings - Part 1: Georges Braque - Black Fish, Edward Hopper - Sun In An Empty Room, Piet Mondrian - Composition, José Pedro - Spontaneous Metaphysical Synchronization In The Presence Of The Biophobic Object's Nonconformism - Machinima and artwork by Zephyru Zapedzki 2011

Music: J. S. Bach - Air on the G String


3D Virtual Paintings 2


Director: Zephyru Zapedzki

Sinopsis: 3D Virtual Paintings - Part 2: Maria Vieira Da Silva - Library, René Magritte - The Human Condition, Pablo Picasso - Self-Portrait, José Pedro - The Blood's Obsession -- Machinima and artwork by Zephyru Zapedzki 2011

Music: L. V. Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata.


The Other Side


Director: Zephyru Zapedzki

Sinopsis: A Machinima tribute to Mark Sandman and Morphine, filmed in Second Life.


Ceci N'est Pas Une Exposition


Director: Zephyru Zapedzki

Sinopsis: Ceci n'est pas une exposition - Surrealism in Paris - Second Life.
The Museum of Paris presents an exhibition of Surrealist real life and Metaverse art. Works of AM Radio (SL photography and RL composite illustration), Araminta Kroitschov (RL digital works), Mcpol Kamachi (RL oils on canvas), Ub Yifu (SL sculpture) and Zephyru Zapedzki (RL oils on canvas, SL photography and sculpture).
Artwork and machinima by Zephyru Zapedzki. Filmed in Paris Eiffel.
Thanks to Admicile - Grp, Ayiki Takakura, Fffred Auer, Netpat Igaly, Paris 1900, Ziget Tammas.


Mr. Chaplin and the Nude Painting


Director: Zephyru Zapedzki

Sinopsis: A melodramaticomedyrotic short movie filmed in Second Life on the Sims of Paris Eiffel, Les Champs Elysees and Paris 1900 (Museum of Paris). Mr. Chaplin - Zephyru Zapedzki. Nude Model - Breeze Underwood.

Music: Charlie Chaplin (City Lights).

Zephyru thanks to Breeze Underwood, Saddam Triskaidekaphobia, Ppmediadev Blinker, Ben Shirakawa, Byturra Tenk, Ronin Devinna, Violeta Yakan, Nuno Chapman, Gayle Cabaret, Hadji Ling, Spider Mycron.


Zeus and the Apocalyptic Kaleidoscopes


Director: Zephyru Zapedzki

Sinopsis: Zeus and the Apocalyptic Kaleidoscopes was filmed in the virtual world of Second Life, at PT Art Center - Portugal Center 2. - Music: Fanfara Tirana - "Apocalyptic Kaba" (Piranha Musik) - Zeus Avatar and Kaleidoscopes (UFOscope, Kaleidovortex)


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